A simple free drum tab editor


It’s often helpful to break a song down into “sections” – distinct parts of the song, like verses, chorus, bridge, etc. DrumBurp does this by setting a section end marker on a bar line. Right-click on a bar line, and select Section End from the pop-up menu:

Section End Menu

Once you’ve set a section end marker, the bar line will change to indicate the end of a section, and the staff will end at that measure – even if there’s space for more measures after it. Also, a section title will appear after the end of the previous section, or at the start of the song if there is no previous section end marker:

Section End

Double-click on any section title to edit it:

Set section title

Hit Enter to accept your edit, or Escape to cancel.

To remove a section, right-click on the section end bar-line and untick the Section End option.

The Section Navigator

As your score becomes more complicated, you may end up with a large number of sections. To quickly move around the score, use the Section Navigtor immediately above the score editing window.

Section Navigator

Selecting any section name from the Section Navigator will scroll the score editing window so that the section title is visible.