A simple free drum tab editor

Page Size

The Page Size option determines how the score will be printed, or exported to PDF. It does not affect how DrumBurp displays the score in the score editing window.

For example, Letter page size might be selected. When the user comes to print the score, it might not fit onto a Letter sized page without spilling off the right-hand side of the page. The width of the score is determined by the number of columns selected in the Score Width spinbox.

To force a score to fit into the currently selected page size, the Fit to Page button can be used in the toolbar:

Fit To Page

This will adjust the number of columns in the score so that, with the current font selections, the score does not spill off the right hand side of a page of the current page size.

The number of pages of the current page size that the current font will use is displayed immediately above the score editing window:

Number of pages

This is useful when trying to ensure that the score can fit onto a given number of pages. For example, it is useful to have the score fit onto 2 pages so that you don’t have to turn the page whilst playing.