A simple free drum tab editor

Hiding Score Elements

There are 4 toolbar buttons that allow you to change whether DrumBurp displays certain elements of the score:

Metadata display toggles

From left to right, these buttons control display of the score metadata, the drum kit key, empty unlocked drum lines, and the measure counts.

Display Score Metadata

At the top of the score editing window, the Score Metadata is displayed: the song title, artist name, BPM, and tabber name. Toggle this option to show/hide this information.

Display Drum Kit Key

The drum kit key is displayed underneath the score metadata: this shows the full name of each drum in the kit, and the abbreviation used for that drum. Toggle this option to show/hide this key.

Omit Empty Unlocked Lines

In any given staff in the score, it is possible that a drum may not have any notes played on it for the whole line. If this is the case, and if the drum is not locked in the drum kit, then it is not necessary to display that line. Toggle this option to show/hide empty unlocked lines.

Display Measure Count

The count is displayed underneath each measure on every staff. This option shows/hides the count.