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Repeating Notes

One thing you might find yourself doing a lot when writing a drum tab is adding the same note, over and over again, at a fixed interval. Usually this is when you are riding on the hihat or ride cymbal, but sometimes you’ll find yourself doing it on the kick and snare too. DrumBurp offers a convenient way to enter these rides quickly, without having to enter every single note yourself.

Let’s go ahead and add a note to our example song, a hihat on the first beat of the second measure:

Repeating Notes example: First Note


We want to hit that hihat on every beat for the next 3 bars. Right click on the hihat note we’ve just entered and a popup menu will appear:

Repeating Notes example: Popup Menu


Select the Repeat note menu item. You’ll now need to click and drag where you want the repeats to appear. Click and hold where you want the first repeat to be, i.e. on the second beat of the second measure. Remember, do not release the mouse button yet!

Repeated Notes: click and hold for first repeat


The distance between the note you originally selected and this first repeat determines the interval between all the repeated notes that will be inserted. Now, drag the mouse to where you want the repeats to finish. You’ll notice that the notes that are going to be added appear in blue as you move the mouse:

Repeated notes appear as you drag the mouse.

These blue notes are just the notes that will potentially be added to the score. Nothing is actually added until you release the mouse button. If you want to cancel the operation at this point, press the Escape key. Drag the mouse to the end of the fourth measure, to see all the notes that we want to add in this operation:

Drag the mouse to where you want the repeated notes to end.

This looks good! We want repeated notes on the beat until the end of this fourth measure, just like the blue notes indicate. Now release the mouse button to complete the operation and actually add the notes:

Release the mouse button to insert the repeated notes.

That’s it, all done. Simple!

Old Method (before v0.6):

The method described above was added to DrumBurp in v0.6. If you have an older version, then download the latest one! In the meantime, when you select the Repeat note menu item, a dialog will pop up:

Repeating Notes example: Dialog


We want the note to be repeated an additional 11 times (to make a total of 12 notes across the 3 bars we’re covering), and we want that repeat to occur once every 4 ticks: i.e. on the beat. Once we’ve entered this information, we just hit OK, and presto! DrumBurp fills in the repeated notes for us.

Repeating Notes example: Notes inserted