A simple free drum tab editor

Playing The Score

DrumBurp can play back the score you’ve created, so you can hear what it sounds like!

You can either play the whole score, or just the selected measures. The playback controls are in the MIDI toolbar:

MIDI playback controls

From left to right, these 3 buttons are:

  • Play the whole score.
  • Play the selected measures once.
  • Play the selected measures on a continuous loop.

Play the whole score

To play the whole score, press the Play Score button in the MIDI toolbar. The whole score is played from beginning to end, at the tempo indicated by the score metadata. While playing, the Play Score button changes to a “Stop” button: press it to stop the music before reaching the end of the score.

While the score is playing, a blue box highlights the currently playing measure*. The score editing window scrolls so that the currently playing measure is always visible.

Playing MIDI

The playback correctly follows repeat markings and alternate endings.

* Note: there is a bug in DrumBurp v0.6 which stops the current measure highlight appearing. It was corrected in v0.7.

Playing Selected Measures

When a measure, or range of measures, has been selected you can play back just the selection in 2 different ways. The Play Once button in the MIDI toolbar plays the selected measures just once and then stops. The Play Loop plays the selected measures on a continuous loop. These buttons are disabled if no measures are selected. During playback the selected button changes to a “Stop” button; press it to stop the music.

Note that these options do not follow repeat markings.