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Audio Feedback

Sometimes you might hit the wrong note when entering them on the score. I’ve got a bad habit of hitting the mid-tom when I mean to click on the snare, for example. DrumBurp helps you avoid this sort of mistake by emitting instant audio feedback when you add a note to the score. This makes score entry quicker and more accurate.

When you add a note, DrumBurp looks up the MIDI noise you’ve assigned to that note in the drum kit for the score. It instantly plays  that note to feedback to you what you’ve just added. If you’re expecting a snare noise and you hear a tom, you’ll quickly realize and undo your mistake.

If this starts to annoy you (or, more likely, your significant other who’s trying to watch television) you can turn off this feedback. Just click the Enable/Disable note audio toggle on the MIDI toolbar:

Mute MIDI toggle