A simple free drum tab editor

Repeats and Line Breaks

Repeat Markers

When writing a piece of music you often want to repeat some part of it, rather than writing out exactly the same thing 2 or more times. Repeat markers give you a convenient way to do that.

To add a repeat marker, just right click on the bar line you want to add it to. For example, suppose we want to repeat the last two bars of this score:

Score to add repeats to

Right click on the middle bar line, and a menu pops up. Select the Repeat Start option…

Selecting the Repeat Start option

 …and a repeat start marker appears:

Score with repeat start

To add the repeat end marker, we right-click on the bar line on the right, and select the Repeat End option…

Selecting the repeat end option

…and a repeat end marker appears. We’re done!

Score with repeat start & end markers

Number of Repeats

Hmm, what if we don’t want to play those bars twice, but three times? Or more? Just right click on the repeat end marker and select the Set Repeat Count option. A dialog appears: select the number of times you want to play the repeated bars. A marker indicating the number of repeats will appear above the repeat end marker:

Score with repeat count

For more complex repeats, see the help on alternate repeat endings.

Line Breaks

Usually DrumBurp works out where to end to the line, and start a new one based on the width of the Score and the width of the measures on the line. If you want to force it to start a new line at a particular bar line, you can do so. Right click on that bar line, and select the Line Break option.