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DrumBurp can now export your scores to Lilypond format!

Lilypond is an open source music engraving project which produces beautifully set sheet music. DrumBurp can write a Lilypond input file from your score; if you then run it through Lilypond you will get great looking drum notation from your drum tab. This gives you the best of both worlds: the speed and ease of use of DrumBurp combined with the beautiful output of Lilypond.

To export to Lilypond, go to File > Export Lilypond, or click the Export Lilypond button in the toolbar:

Lilypond export button

You’ll get a file dialog asking you where you want to save the Lilypond file. Once you’ve picked a file, DrumBurp will write the Lilypond data there.

To change this into Lilypond output, you’ll need a copy of the Lilypond program (duh!). You can get it from lilypond.org. Once you’ve installed it you can drag and drop your DrumBurp-exported .ly file onto the Lilypond program (There are plenty of instructions on using Lilypond on its website). Assuming all goes well, a .pdf file will be created: open it to see your score!

Output from lilypond export.

Isn’t that pretty?

Lilypond Export Options

There are a few options you can use to control the size and padding of the Lilypond export you create:

Lilypond export options

From left to right, the options are Number of pagesGlobal staff size and Fill last page.

Number of pages

If you set this option to anything other than zero, Lilypond will force the score to be set on exactly that number of pages. If you leave it at zero, Lilypond will set it on the number of pages that it thinks looks best.

Global staff size

This affects the “font size” that Lilypond uses to display the score; the default is 20. Making it larger or smaller changes the staff size that Lilypond uses.

Fill last page

If this box is checked, the staffs on the last page of the Lilypond score will fill the whole page. This has the effect of putting more whitespace between each of the staffs in the score, which can sometimes make it easier to read.