A simple free drum tab editor


The internet is a strange and mysterious place. The usual way for drummers to share music is through drum tab, a way of representing drum music with ASCII text files. DrumBurp can export a score to such an ASCII tab, to make it easy for you to share it with others.

To create an ASCII tab, go to File > Export ASCII, or click the Export ASCII button in the toolbar. A dialog will pop up with some options for you:

Click the Filename button to choose where you want to save the exported tab. The other options are explained below:

  • Song info: do you want to write the song title, artist name, etc. at the start of the tab.
  • Drum kit key: do you want a section giving the full names of each of the drums in the kit?
  • Omit empty lines for unlocked drums: if a line in the tab has no notes on it, it will be omitted if this option is checked.
  • Beat count: Write the measure count out below each measure?
  • Underline section titles with  ~ characters: each section title will be underlined.
  • Empty line before section title: include a blank line before each section.
  • Empty line after section title: include a blank line after each section title before the tab begins.

Hitting the OK button will write the ASCII tab of the current score to the chosen file. Cancel abandons the export.