A simple free drum tab editor


DrumBurp Technologies

  • Python – the programming language used to write DrumBurp.
  • Qt & PyQt – the library used to implement the user interface. If you want to write PyQt programs I can highly recommend Mark Summerfield’s Rapid GUI Programming With Python And Qt.
  • Pygame – the library used to implement MIDI playback.
  • Camstudio – the software used to capture the videos on this site.


Drum Music & Tabs

  • drumscore.com – an excellent collection of sheet music.
  • 911tabs – a great meta-search for tabs. The first place I go.
  • ttabs – probably the best single site for drum tabs since mxtabs closed down. A good place to submit your DrumBurp created tabs!
  • Sheet music at onlinedrummer.com – real notation!
  • Songsterr – well, if you absolutely must. I can’t stand the drum notation they use, personally.


Drum Sites

    • Drumeo – absolutely fantastic site. It costs to become a member but once you’re in the resources available are incredible, and the community there is superb.
    • Online Drummer – great resource for sheet music, and cool instructional videos too.
    • Drummer World
    • Drummer Cafe
    • Rokbeat