After a loooooong break, Version 1.1 is out. This version has some small changes around usability:

  • You can now indicate that your score is in swing time. MIDI playback will respect it, and the Lilypond export will include the appropriate indicator in the score.
  • Lilypond export deals better with triplets.
  • Simile bars are handled a bit better.
  • Changing the kit is a bit quicker and less annoying in how much noise it makes.
  • Repeat markings are limited in length.
  • Unicode text doesn’t crash saving the program.
  • ASCII export is improved, and has extra options.
  • The first contribution from another dev! Brayconn tidied up, improved, and generally sped up some of the Lilypond exporting code.
  • The Windows version now has a proper installer, which will speed up DrumBurp’s startup times.

The big change has been behind the scenes: I’ve set up GitHub Actions to build DrumBurp, meaning that building and releasing DB is now an essentially automated process. This should make it a lot easier to release, so I’d expect to make more, smaller releases in future rather than leaving it a few years each time!

Version 1.1 for Windows is available from GitHub – I’m still working on packaging up a Linux version. I’ll be using GitHub for the releases from now on, so the latest version *should* always be available from here.