The latest version of DrumBurp is available for download now. The major new feature is the ability to manage your favourite drum kit settings.

I was planning to release this new version later this week, but with the impending arrival of Hurricane Sandy I thought it was probably a good idea to push it out now in case I lose power and/or internet. See what I’ll do for you guys? 🙂

For some time now, the drum kit editor in DrumBurp has had load/save buttons, which were disabled. The latest version enables these buttons, giving you the ability to load and save your favourite drum kit settings, rather than having to re-create them every time you start a new score. Combined with the Lilypond export introduced in v0.7 and improved in v0.8 this makes DrumBurp a fully featured drum music editor.

But you don’t even need to use the load/save facilities for your DrumBurp kits: it’s useful if you want to share your drum kit settings with someone else, but you’ll probably find it easier to save your favourite kits into the Default Kits. DrumBurp now comes with a bunch of pre-installed drum kits, and you can save your own settings into the default kits too. You can use this to load up your favourite drum kit into a new score with just a couple of clicks of the mouse. There are also pre-installed default kits as used by,, MvK, DrumBurp’s existing default kit, and a minimalist “Classic” kit.

Other improvements:

  • A few bug fixes with the ACII tab export facility: fixed the line breaking probem, and the display of repeats now work  properly.
  • There is now a graphical indication of the notation effects applied in the kit editor. For example, if you make a note head a ghost note, you’ll see the parentheses around the note head in the kit editor.
  • The kit editor won’t let you save or use an invalid kit if you’ve somehow managed to create one.
  • Editing the drum kit now interacts correctly with the undo/redo stack.
  • Better display of note head keyboard shortcuts.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to all menu items.
  • Fixed a bug with the way that measures are deleted that could sometimes lead to crashes.