DrumBurp v0.7 is now available to download! The major feature in the new version is the ability to export to Lilypond format to create beautiful sheet music.

DrumBurp v0.7 introduces a major new feature, the ability to export Lilypond input files. Lilypond is an open source music engraving package; running the DrumBurp-created files through it creates spectacular sheet music from your DrumBurp scores. For example, this:

Lilypond export: before

becomes this:

Lilypond export: after

Pretty sweet, huh? Now you have the speed and ease of use of DrumBurp combined with the great output of Lilypond.

This has been quite a long time in the works, there have been a few small but tough problems that prevented me getting this out earlier.: triplets were a massive pain to get working. As it is, this is still quite a new feature, I expect to make more improvements to it as time goes on.

There were also a few other minor changes:

  • I fixed a (really stupid) bug that stopped the current measure highlight being displayed during MIDI playback.
  • Added a display of the total number of measures, staffs, and pages in the score.
  • Added a link to the online manual from the help toolbar.

Let me know how you get on!