DrumTabber plays drum tabs. DrumBurp writes drum tabs. Hmmm....

Now this is interesting. DrumTabber plays back drum tabs, and is pretty forgiving about the format.

Of course, as luck would have it, it doesn’t recognise the names that DrumBurp uses for its drum lines by default. But that’s OK! One of the features on my Todo list for DrumBurp for some time has been to improve the usability of the drum kits and instruments. It already supports changing the kit on a score, and I plan to add the ability to load and save kits, and to use a range of ‘standard’ kits. I’ll just make sure that things which can be read by DrumTabber are included in the standard kits. Discovering DrumTabber will just spur me on to get working on those features!

Of course, I also plan to add a playback feature to DrumBurp directly. In the meantime, perhaps exporting to DrumTabber can be a poor man’s substitute. Maybe I’ll set it up to export the ASCII directly to the clipboard for easy pasting into the website. More ambitiously, maybe direct submission to DrumTabber is a possibility… I think I’d have to be pretty careful with that though!

EDIT: Update September 20, 2011 – sound is on its way!