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Standard Notation – Lilypond export coming soon

DrumBurp has already fulfilled most of my goals for a quick and simple editor for drum tabs. One of my pie-in-the-sky wishes was for DB to play back the music through MIDI, and that’s worked out nicely. The other “wouldn’t it be nice if…” feature that I’d love to have is the ability to create real music notation from DB. Well, I’ve been busy…

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Free Drum Tab Editor – DrumBurp v0.6 available now

Hi folks,

So I finally found some time to package up and release the latest changes to DrumBurp. I’ve removed a couple of irritating minor bugs, and greatly improved two parts of the GUI that have been bugging me for ages:

  • A better interface for choosing alternate repeat number markings. Previously, a text box was used to enter anything you wanted; this was fine, except that the MIDI playback expects the repeat markings to be in a definite (undocumented!) format. Now you can only choose valid repeat markings, and they’re a lot easier to choose with the GUI too.
  • A much better method for adding repeated notes. I’m stoked about this, I think I’ll probably record a video tutorial sometime soon. Instead of having to enter the repeat interval and the number of repeats you want, you now just point and click: select the note you want to repeat, point where you want the first repeat to be, then point to where you want the last repeat to be. The new notes that will be added appear in a nice blue colour while you’re doing this. It looks awesome!

So, nothing major, but some serious stuff had to happen under the hood to make this work, especially the repeated notes interface. Hope you folks enjoy it.