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Startup problems?

Hey everyone. Sorry it’s been so quiet here, I’ve recently moved back to the UK from the US and bought a house , so haven’t had any time to work on DB.

Anyway, a few people have contacted me asking for help with a problem which seems to occur sometimes when DrumBurp starts  up: sometimes it hangs when the font window opens, and then nothing. This problem seems to be caused by whatever score you were working on last – DB tries to open your last score on startup, and it seems that sometimes this is hanging. I don’t know why this is, it’s never happened to me, but it’s happening to some of you out there.

The way to fix this is to find the last .brp file you were working on and rename it. Then DB should open up properly, since it can’t find the file any more.

If this happens to you, could you get in touch and send me the .brp file that caused the problem? That should help me find what’s causing the issue, and test if I’ve fixed it.

Hey guys, I’ve recently discovered a great website for drum sheet music: has a load of great transcriptions, and if there’s anything you need that they don’t have, you can ask them to make it for you. They’ll also help with practice worksheets, arrangements, composition and more. It really is an amazing resource, go check it out. Our good friends over there are big fans of DrumBurp too, so you know they must be good people 🙂

Busy, busy, busy

The latest release of DrumBurp had a few bugs which needed some fiddling with. The new Lilypond export feature is complex, and as a result it’s a little rough around the edges. I’ve had some great user feedback which has helped me out immensely, so I’ve worked out some bug fixes. After a little testing I should be releasing a new version later this week.

The new version will also have a couple of new features: 32nd notes and 32nd triplets (for the metalheads out there), and keyboard shortcuts for alternate note heads (for when 2 clicks is just too slow). Watch this space!